Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September Resolutions ~ One Bed a Day

In some ways, September is more the start of a New Year than is January. So it is not without logic that I feel a renewed sense of commitment to the garden.The weeds in my garden got OUT OF CONTROL this summer. But now the weather is cooler and I feel as though I can take this task on. My commitment is one bed a day. Yesterday I only took an AFTER picture of my pitiful shallot bed. So this morning I wised up and took aBEFOREand AFTER pictureincluding a basket full of treasures I found in that tangled mess.


Thomas said...

WOW, what a big difference! To think that all of that food was hidden underneath the greenery. Amazing!

Leslie said...

Thomas ... When I look at YOUR raised beds, so weed free and elegantly rowed, I am embarrassed to admit I let the garden get this way. To twist a phrase ... "absence make the the garden so asunder"