Friday, July 05, 2013

Return to the garden blog

I decided the best way to re-enter the habit of regular posting was to start with a picture.  Here is a picture of the new deer fence.  I must admit I was pretty discouraged about gardening after last summer's tomato loss to deer.  But the new fence has lifted my spirits and sent me back into the arena.  I kept the old split rail vertical posts and used those to attach the new 4x4s.  I also kept the chicken wire that ran along the lower rail and reattached it to the new bottom horizontals.  

So sorry to the rabbits, the deer and the turkeys, but this is MY garden now.

The garlic scapes are all picked and I harvested the Uzbek Turbans yesterday.  

For those of you like me with more garlic scapes than you know what to do with, you might find this new list of recipes helpful.  

I will be posting regularly now, so stay tuned.


Wynell said...

Welcome back! So glad to see you. Your garden looks so green for this early.

Leslie said...

Thanks, Wynell ... yes all is green and reaching skyward ...