Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm sure it has happened to you . You are walking through your yard, or standing in your garden and the breeze carries a wonderful aroma up your nose. FOr me it is like hearing a twig snap. I turn quickly to see where the smell is coming from . THis was happening many times last week. I would survey the landscape and see NOTHING nearby that could carry such a wonderful fragrance. It is too early for wild roses ... too early for autumn olives ... the apple trees are too far away ...

After about the third day of this I went investigating the perimeter of the garden and found the source of this wonderful aroma.

BLUEBERRIES in flower. Who would have thought?

(scratch and sniff?)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

It happens every year. The tomato plants under lights are WAY too leggy and the weather is just not ready for putting them out. I TRIED to exercise restraint this year on the tomatoes ... I only have 24 ... but that still requires a large portion of the garden. So as I look at the beds remaining after potatoes and tomatoes go in and I am left with 7 beds ... mostly the smaller 4x4s . I have shallots that have to go in, and there are sweet potato slips yet to come in the mail. And there are the pole beans ... Vermont Cranberry, Lynch Speckled Butter Beans, and I have to have SOME green beans. And how about the Raven Zucchini and Butternut Squash I have started?My friend Chris said to me once that she had heard a good piece of advice about such dilemmas ... maybe from Martha Stewart ... and it was to only plant in your garden things that were expensive in the grocery store .... or in a summer market ... or only plant things you could not GET at market or at a grocery store.

Well if I went by THAT theory then I would FILL my garden with French Melons. And, actually, I am considering that. I have about 8 healthy starter plants, and I COULD start some more from my magic seed jar. They brought me such joy last summer.

Happy Mother's Day