Monday, February 21, 2011

Markets of Oaxaca, Mexico

We are in Oaxaca for a few weeks on a vacation with good friends from the Midwest. I have very much enjoyed the outdoor markets ... the sprawling Abastos Market here in town and the Saturday market in Ocotlan. They are a beehive of activity as vendors present the produce which they have acquired from wholesalers at the market's edge. This is not a farmer's market except perhaps for a few meat vendors. But it is interesting for what IS here and what IS NOT here. Think Whole Foods in February ... what do you see? Asparagus from Mexico? Not to be seen. Think THE indigenous crop of Mexico ... Maize? Not to be seen here either. But here is a sampling of what you WILL see.

More about Oaxaca HERE

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Missed all of January

Whoops !!! Well here is a start for February. DID YOU KNOW that February is National Snack Food Month? Ugh. So the folks at Kitchen Gardens International sent along a link to a counter movement. It is called #20ate for the 28 days of February. Check out the website. There are some great ideas for opting out of the Frito Lay/ConAgra/Kraft construction of the world. Like these little apricot morselsIn the gardening realm, I will start some artichoke seeds this week. I am afraid the New England winter is not going to allow for over wintering this year. Time to start again.