Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spargle !!!

White Asparagus Stand near Staufen, Germany

We have arrived in Southern Germany just in tome for asparagus season. Putting white asparagus on the table is not an easy task. The stalks must be mounded up and then removed at just the right time.
mounded beds

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tulips, Cherry Blossoms and Artichokes

I am headed to Europe for some travel. Some of it will be in the tulip fields of Holland. I must say the Dutch do not make it easy to find out when these tulips are scheduled to be at peak bloom. (though thanks very much to this one informative blog) Here in DC where the Cherry Blossoms are a key part of OUR tourist industry, the National Park Service has it down to a science. I made my annual pilgrimage last Monday and despite the foggy weather, the delicate beauty of shone through the dismal weather.

I will be gone for three weeks and I have devised a way to manage my emerging artichokes. I filled an APS tray with water and placed the peat pots on the mat. I then covered the exposed section of mat with plastic wrap to keep the moisture form evaporating. I hope it works.