Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An escape from the city

I took Line 1 out to the Bois de Vincennes and walked around the Parc Floral. I had thought it would just be a good space in which to stretch my legs on a long walk. Well it was that and more. Once I was in the woods and among the plants I realized how urban my life has been for the past month. Even if it IS the most beautiful city in the world, Paris is still a city. So here are some of the things I saw.

tulips ("Concerto")


bright spring plantings

irises as far as the eye could see

all kinds of camelias

Peonies starting to come up

and an enormous cardoon encouraged by the mild Paris winter

and keeping watch over it all, a handsome peacock !

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More signs of spring in Paris

Fresh herbs

strawberries and white asparagus

legs of lamb decorated with vegetable flowers

and, of course, daffodils

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thanks to Garden Design

Spreading the word about garden blogs

Had Judith not commented that she had seen the article in one of her comments I would still be scratching my head about the sudden spike in readership. The article to which I am referring is an article on garden blogs in this month's issue of Garden Design in which this blog was reviewed.

When I first started dreams and bones it was simply a way of keeping my own diary and of being able to say to friends, "if you care about what's going on in the garden, you can look here, but I'm not going to burden you in an email or a letter." Then I wondered, do others keep blogs about their gardens (silly rabbit) and that brought me to Sheila's good work at the Providence Journal. From those links I met gardeners that I have come to think of as friends. And it is always refreshing to return to Sheila's list and find new bloggers. It was the links in other people's blogs that got me seeing just how wide this world is. And when Old Roses started Garden Voices the world seemed infinite.

When a magazine lists blogs they like, it opens the blogosphere of gardening up to a different readership. So if you came here because you read about this blog in Garden Design, welcome. Be sure to read the archives, be sure to link to the others I have listed and please, be sure to come back again when the earth is warm and the garden is inspiring more posts.

And, one more sure fire way for us to learn about each others' blogs is for you to leave a comment. Please do that. I'd love to learn about you and your garden.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Signs of Spring in Paris



and WAY too many seed packets

and, of course, daffodils

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Travel Blog is up and running

OK. What you are reading is the GARDEN blog called Dreams and Bones. There isn't much happening in here this March because I am away from home traveling.

So if you care to follow the TRAVEL blog called Reflections Away from Home, you may click below or use the new link bar to the right.

I will post here about garden issues while I am away, but shall not return here in earnest until mid-April. If you are new to Dreams and Bones, please use the sidebar to read archived pages from earlier seasons. And please return in mid-April.

All are welcome to visit the debut of Reflections Away from Home

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Paris is Unlocking

I was surprised to see early blooming crabapples showing their blossoms on the drive in to the city. Looks like there will be a bit of "unlocking" here after all.

Unlocking is a season invented by Kurt Vonnegut. If you are not familiar with his six season scheme, please

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