Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spargle !!!

White Asparagus Stand near Staufen, Germany

We have arrived in Southern Germany just in tome for asparagus season. Putting white asparagus on the table is not an easy task. The stalks must be mounded up and then removed at just the right time.
mounded beds


Matron said...

How wonderful! I bet they tasted divine! I just have 4 asparagus tips showing half an inch above the soil at the moment. Only a few weeks to go now before I have my own.

Anonymous said...

so they are just asparagus grown in some mounded dirt (like a lot of work) and ive just returned from germany , it had to have so much butter added to it and a sharp knife to cut it , i would not bother. its just a fad. for a few euro bucks this time of year.