Friday, May 27, 2005

The Sun Is Back

The sun has returned and with it a whole new feeling

Went with Chris to see what kind of treasures the storm had tossed up on Menemsha Beach this morning. We were well rewarded. Even found an old steel tackle block buried in the sand.

I then returned to the garden in earnest and started placing the treasures from the basement nursery into the garden. Have pretty much decided that all the tomato plants should be planted. I have NEVER complained about too many tomatoes. Let's see if I can makethat happen this year. It will mean that I will have to plant all winter squash outside of the garden. I will start digging rich holes for them out in the field. The Waltham Butternut, New England Pumpkin and Blue Hubbard Squash will have to float out in the field for now.

Less than a month to solstice. The afternoon light is lingering.

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