Wednesday, August 23, 2006


There is reason for celebration here.  Last evening I harvested my first artichoke.  I have been trying to grow artichokes for the past three seasons.  Each year I learned a little more, and now I am hoping to go that one extra step of successfully guarding it through the winter so it will be a perennial.

There are several factors that contribute to this year’s success.  First was the switch FROM “Imperial Star” TO “Green Globe” seed at the suggestion of a gardener at Monticello.  Second was planting a dozen seeds from which I got three plants … they are VERY susceptible to damping off.  Third was planting them in the ground instead of in a raised bed.  Fourth was planting them in a hole filled with well composted manure.  

The stalk came up while I was away.  I was so busy admiring the two artichokes on the plant that I failed to notice that the larger one was, in fact, turning into the thistle it is intended to be.  So I snipped it last night and ate it for dinner.  The leaves were a little tough, but the heart was very tasty.  

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