Friday, December 07, 2007

Saying Farewell to the Garden

The sunlight is penetrating deep into the far reaches of my living room these days, yet it is gone over the hills before 4:00 sending me into an early and almost endless night far earlier than I am ready for. I don't usually experience December light here in my "summer home" and so I feel lucky to be present for the contrast of BRIGHTNESS and early retreat that is New England in December.

I retrieved my last two rutabagas and the last of my tiny, tiny Brussels sprouts this morning. The winter squashes are packed as is the bushel basket of sweet potatoes and and shallots and more garlic than I will ever consume. And there is lots of frozen tomato sauce to bring the reminder of August back on a cold winter evening. It is all a blessing.

In a strange turnabout this year I am headed to the Southern Hemisphere to experience the solstice in its fullness not its darkness. I am reluctant to switch out so close to completing the seasonal cycle ... there is something about being witness to that shortest day that earns you the right to start the cycle yet again.

And so I head the car down the snow dusted driveway and say thank you, garden, for another year of bliss and blisters.

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El said...

Bliss and blisters! Har!

Well, do us all a favor and give us a post or two from your travels. I really enjoyed your Parisian posts. It's fun, you know, to go over unfamiliar terrain with a familiar blogger. It's like discovering a hidden garden.

(And there is no such thing as too much garlic!)

Happy travels