Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Blooms

Monday turned into a balmy 60 degree day, so I took advantage and headed out to the potting bench to pot up the amaryllis. This little puppies are all but neglected by me during the summer. If I really wanted to give them a healthy summer field experience, I would be more attentive to weekly fertilizer. But, alas, I toss them in a trench along the fence of the vegetable garden with a little composted manure and leave them to fend for themselves.I put five of the smallest in one pot.Meanwhile, my Christmas cactus is ablaze in pink flowers.And the tree awaits its turn


Old paint said...

Happy Bloomin' Christmas mates!
Wish you were here. B.K.
(check Old Paint site for more holiday cheer)

Doctor Mom said...

Your Christmas cactus is stunning. Love that color!