Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rain, rain ... go away

ENOUGH ALREADY !!! It started raining on June 9, and with the exception of a few reliably sunny Saturdays, it has not stopped. Then yesterday, my rain gauge registered 2 INCHES in an hour !!! I was not here for the downpour ... was visiting in the next town over, but when I returned I could see the evidence of a real gully-washer. Later I heard that some towns got hit with hail ... the size of the hailstones increasing as the story got retold ... but settling somewhere between a mothball and a golf ball in size.

The garden is a mess. I have rampant blossom drop on all my tomato plants ... not ONE fruit has formed yet. I fear my garlic is rotting in the ground, but it is still too early to pull it up. The only happy campers are the ones living underground. And, of course, the weeds.


Daphne said...

I have a plastic cover over my garlic now. I'm thinking I'm going to pull it up anyway since the ground is saturated it leaks in on the sides of the patch anyway. I'll see how big it is after I pull the first couple of plants. I really don't want my garlic harvest to rot in the ground. I'm thinking better small than none.

PG said...

Oh, I do sympathise! In the UK the last two years were wet, and we got no tomatoes (blight) at all...thankfully this year is a normal hot summer, but I'd rather have too much sun than too much rain, it is so indidously destructive.