Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving ahead

This warm weather is inspiring. Most of the beds are amended and ready for planting. Here is a wheelbarrow full of composted lamb manure (decorated with a buttercup). Each barrow full is delightfully rich and teeming with wriggling earthworms. Life as it should be.Two weekends ago I went to Brimfield, MA for their spring antiques extravaganza. It was there that I found this old shutter for the garden. I will plant nasturtiums at its feet for climbing.Things continue be about two weeks ahead of schedule out there as evidenced by the early appearance of garlic scapes. These are definitely a mid-June PHE-nom in these parts.


Doctor Mom said...

Can you post about your lamb manure? Where do you get it, how do you prepare it, which areas do you use it on? I'm familiar with the joys of horse and cow manure and the challenges of fish heads, but not lamb manure. Tell more, please!

Leslie said...

There are several posts in here about the task, ... try this link:

and this entry via the archives:

Monday July 17, 2006

called Gardening Madness