Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's to feeling 4 years old again

I was up before the sun yesterday morning picking and grading entries for the Ag Fair.By 7:15 the entries had assembled themselves on the stairs for the annual class picture.The Class of 2010

All entries had to be inside the hall by 8:15 and people were rushing up a the last minute with their flowers and their baked goods. As someone said yesterday, "On Fair day everyone is 4 years old again !"

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Anonymous said...

good to see handsome class photo of 2010. I did see your beautiful garlic with blue ribbon at fair. I know that another entrant had looked through her 800 bulbs looking for best entrant. She must have been dizzy/blind by time she chose her entrants.
I also saw your pretty watercolor entry
What other ribbons did your veggies earn?