Monday, November 15, 2010

waning light

After what felt like a weeks of rain , there were two soft days this weekend. The artichokes and rosemary are tucked away in their wall-o-waters, the dahlias have been dried and put away, and the garlic is sprouting nicely under its layer of grass clippings.

The light this time of year creates a strange mood. The angle from the south has the sun nearly always in your eyes and that same angle creates crisp landscapes on the bare trees when the sun is at your back.

Large parts of the garden live in shade most of the day. The broccoli I planted in early September SHOULD have been planted on an East-West line because the only crowning is happening on the lucky plant at the south end of the row. [Note to self for next year]

I look up from my work and read the shadows on the landscape thinking it must be five. It is barely quarter to three. I take a moment and sit one last time on the deck looking east out at the field. The sun warms my right shoulder ... a new feeling sitting in this place feeling the earth's orbit in strange bodily warmth.


Thomas said...

I know what you mean - I feel like it's been forever since we've seen the sun.

Are your artichokes tucked nicely away for the winter, Leslie?

Leslie said...

Yes, Thomas ... I thought of you as I tucked them in. I cut them back to about 4 inches then placed the wall-o-water and then tucked grass clippings inside for extra warmth. I need two more wall-o-waters to finish the job. Good luck to you in YOUR overwintering.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for lovely images Lesley.
I love November light on MV, particularly the black silhouettes of branches against late afternoon blue-gray-yellow sky. And yes the treasured couple hours of warm sun whenever it appears. I am uncertain about one of your images-
crisp landscapes on the bare trees
is this the mountain-like" topograhy" of the bark you are referring to? or like bands of color looking out at a landscape?

Leslie said...

Dear MBK ... more the stark white of tree bark against the blue sky ...