Saturday, March 26, 2011

A great day to plant peas

Well the ground DID thaw enough for me to build a pea structure. I had been to a bamboo structures workshop last summer where we built and disassembled about five different kind of structures under the guidance of Art and Marlene Cameron. There are links to photos of some of their structures here.

I wanted a structure that would take my peas high enough. It seems I am always under estimating their vertical needs. BTW did you ever note that it is only after the 21st side shoot that you actually GET a flower? So armed with my plastic zip ties, a chair to stand on and some bamboo poles (and a little help from Mr. Pea-buddy) we had a structure in no time. As the peas come up I will add more bamboo for them to crawl up. It seems that each year in my eagerness to get the peas in the ground, I fail to read the package instructions until AFTER planting. Usually I stick a thumb into compacted soil and drop the seed down the hole. This year I followed the instructions ... I loosened the soil, then made a shallow trench, then covered the seeds with no more than an inch of soil. I think germination will be a little easier for the peas this year.

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