Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Possibilities of June

I love the June garden. All is possible. The moths carrying the squash vine borer have not arrived yet. The cucumber beetles are still at bay. And with the exception of the garlic which is starting to brown out, all is lush and green and moving upward.

As the tomatoes move upward they will need support. A friend was cutting out bamboo, so I gathered generously from her pile and used them to build this ungainly structure to hold up merely 5 tomato plants. I will add cross pieces as the plants grow taller.
The successfully overwintered artichokes numbered three. This one is sending up its first thistle. A June artichoke would be a record around here.

Here is the Tomato Count.

Better Boy - 8 ; Italian Sweet - 7; Brandywine - 4; Soldaki - 5; Viva Italia - 1; Big Zac - 4; Sungold -2; Delicious - 3; Long Keeper - 3. A total of 37 plants.


Thomas said...

I really hope you get a June artichoke this year. Mine didn't produce anything until late July last year. I'm guessing it will be even later this year.

Kris Kearney said...

Wow, artichokes! I saw them at the Blue Hills garden in New York, but really did not think I could get them to produce here in Mass. As for garden structures, I just put a picture of a bean tower (10ft hight) a friend of mine welded. Anyone who wants details can contact me.