Monday, November 28, 2005

Olfactory joy

There are a few garden smells that stop me in my tracks and one of them is the smell of a carrot when it first comes out of the ground.  It is soil and sweetness.  I love it.  


Liz said...

I hear you on that. It's a shame that most people never smell that smell.

Stuart said...

Leslie & Liz - Agree with both of you! My kids love pulling carrots straight out of the ground and eating them like a snack.

I don't often get to smell that smell because they're usually all gone before I get to them.

Judith said...

I love earthy smells & carrots have such a sweet earth smell. I notice that same smell when I pull Queen Anne's Lace as it's related to the carrot. Just thinking of it, I experience it. Nice.