Sunday, November 20, 2005

Return to the garden

It was a gloriously sunny day today! I hobbled* out to the garden fairly early after a 6 week absence (*I broke my foot in Amsterdam and am two weeks into an eight week cast). Somehow I haven’t quite put the plans I have for putting the garden to bed in line with the reality of my limited mobility. Thanks to Hunter’s help, much important work got done today.

First I surveyed the tomato crop (that might have been harvested had I been here) lying rotten on the ground. Next I brought down the bamboo, weeded lightly and blanketed the beds in a compost of grass clippings. Most of this was done via my pointing and Hunter’s moving. Tomorrow we will work on taking down the dead asparagus, cleaning and clipping the bamboo for winter storage, and tightening up the fence around the apple trees. I also have to bring in the dahlia corms and I have to pot the amaryllis.

The weather is not very promising after tomorrow and the “S” word is in the forecast for the weekend. So we will work hard tomorrow and move the focus indoors to the much neglected basement during the inclement weather.

There are wonderful sweet treasures waiting for me underground. The rutabagas have swelled and the parsnips and carrots have sweetened with the recent frosts. AND the pesky spinach looks like it will put a little something on our plates we while we are here.

Right now a Hubbard squash is in the oven filling the house with its sweet perfume. Yummmm.


Judith said...

Welcome home, Leslie. Oh, dear, hate to see you have a broken foot! Well, at least you broke it in a worthwhile place & doing something worthwhile--some wonderful travelling! My daughter lived in Paris for 2 yrs & lived near one of the market streets--it was great. My ground is beginning to freeze & harden. Good to see you in the garden again.

Leslie said...

Judith, thanks for the welcome. Your daughter's experience sounds wonderful. I have to admit I fell in love with Paris all over again on this trip despite the unrest in the suburbs.