Friday, June 16, 2006

Eat Local Continued

All during May I was gathering information about places where I could buy local meat, eggs and milk. “Go through the gate and in the back door of the barn and you’ll find a fridge and a money jar.” Or “Wander through the yard following the “eggs” sign until you get to the barn.” I managed quite well eating from the left over eat local larder from May. And just when I was getting ready to venture out to find new places along comes a pamphlet put out by Island Grown a cooperative venture of 28 local farmers with a MAP and addresses and phone numbers and hours. How perfect!

Last Saturday the local supermarket hosted an event in the store (it was raining outside) for as many of the 28 farmers who wanted, to come and advertise their wares. I tasted divine goat cheese, tender salad greens and excellent lamb.

Then I went home that night and had a great local meal. The adventure continues!

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