Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Moving toward fall

I like to spend a few minutes each evening sitting on the back deck to watch the shadows lengthen over the garden. Sadly that time of day is coming earlier and earlier these days as the sun seems in a hurry to “get south.” I can spy the yellow of the goldenrod and a splash of red from a young sumac and the red berries clustered on the autumn olive. Soon there will be telltale signs of differentiation as the once all green landscape reveals a yellow leafed vine wrapped around a juniper or a willow.

But I have more tomatoes coming out of my garden right now than I have had all summer, so I am going to make myself a BLT for dinner and pretend it's not over yet.


Holly said...

I love to watch fall arrive. Watch, and listen, and smell it on the crisp air. The insects and birds change their songs and different birds arrive in journey to warmer climes. This is, without question, my very favorite time of the year.

Judith said...

The light does steer us into the next season. I sigh a lot at this time of year. It is letting go time for me. The colors are splendid, the light special. The tomatoes are extra tasty right now. And oooh, a BLT sounds fabulous to me!

Carol said...

I'm pretending that summer isn't over, too. It can't be over!