Monday, September 18, 2006

Rustic Rutabaga

In years past when I have planted rutabaga only a few have come up, so this year I decided to plant nearly three rows.  They pretty much have all come up and it’s a LOT of rutabaga.  I grow them because they are an obligatory part of Thanksgiving dinner.  Or put in a more positive way, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them … in the way that a Seder would not be a Seder without the bitter herbs?  Rutabagas are like the mortar that holds all the flavors together on the Thanksgiving plate.  

So I was quite pleased last year when I ran into a post about rutabagas by a gardener in Illinois. Actually I didn’t really “run into it.”  I was actually so without a life that I was searching for “rutabagas” on a Saturday night.  But find it I did, and I invite you to visit this entry by Eyebrows McGee.

The ones I’m pulling out of the ground right now are pretty ugly.  

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