Thursday, November 23, 2006

the carrot harvest

I planted five varieties of carrots last spring. Imperator, Nantes Fancy, Atomic Red, Purple Fancy and Shin Kuruda. The Imperators have been huge ! The two colored carrots have been thin and short but tasty. All of them have benefited from the recent frosts.

I will be bringing the “orange” to Thanksgiving dinner today: carrots, rutabaga and sweet potatoes, all from the garden. The rutabaga will benefit from some maple syrup and dried cranberries, but the other two veggies will speak for themselves. They have a special sweetness all their own … no need to sugar them up.

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Sigrun said...

Hi Leslie, your Carrots look very tasty! I can not grow one, because we have heavy clay soil.

About my Stollen:Leslie, we do it all so early, because the Stollen must rest wo weeks and than we can eat it in Advent time. In four weeks we have Christmas!