Friday, November 10, 2006

The Landscape Shifts

My how the landscape rushes to darkness these days. What’s the hurry?

I’ve been away from the garden for two weeks. Part of the journey involved stopping off in Virginia, my home state, and voting. I feel so powerful … like I turned the Senate around single-handedly.

There has been a distinct shift from fall to winter as you can see below.


El said...

Congrats (and thank you!) for your vote for the Senate!

Sometimes you need to step away to notice changes in your everyday environment. But you're right; sometimes these things move too quickly. I have to turn my lights on for my drive home...but luckily, I put my sunglasses on when I go out in the a.m.

Judith said...

Yes, I say thank you too!

Leslie, your landscape is beautiful. I miss not being able to see what I am doing when working in the garden at 4:30 PM and day I get to see I have planted bulbs in odd places and more of the lawn is missing.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Gorgeous pictures--the asparagus is quite beautiful in the fall. I never realized that.

Like Judith, I miss not being able to see in the garden in the early evening. Now I have to rely on my weekends instead of my after-work hours!
But Judith, are you sure you don't take out more of the lawn, um, accidentally on purpose?! ;)