Thursday, February 15, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For ...

I am spending this week before President's Day as I did last year, skiing with my husband in Stowe, VT. We were both raised in New England and we have the memory that there is no snow too big to bring down a Vermonter. When we heard that the coastal Nor’easter was headed our way, we were VERY excited. It would arrive on Valentine’s Day. We would watch the snow fall as we ate our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at a nearby restaurant. The roads would be plowed, all would be accessible and we would go on with life as usual because that’s what New Englanders do!

Well let me tell you about our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. First, the restaurant we had planned to go to called to say they were closing because of the snow. Well since it was called Michael’s on the Hill (hill being the operative word) we forgave them. We then planned to go to an Italian restaurant up the mountain road … BUT

The parking lot at the inn where we were staying had not been plowed and despite a mighty effort on our parts which included a solid 40 minutes of shoveling we realized, all wheel drive or no, this little Subaru was not going anywhere. The innkeeper offered to drop us off at a place just up the road on their way out to dinner. This now being our third choice for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, we were starting to suffer Stockholm syndrome. But when we entered the door, we were greeted with the news that they had closed the kitchen and soon would be closing the bar. We begged them to sell us a bowl of cold chili and armed with same we headed back to our room in a driving snow, dodging large snowplows as we walked back along the Mountain Road. So much for a special Valentine’s dinner.

Then this morning we got to the mountain only to discover that all but two lifts had been closed due to the wind. Perhaps tomorrow. So forty inches of new snow sits out there on the mountain nearly all of it inaccessible. Grrrrr.

Perhaps the lesson here is … all things … even snow are better in moderation.

And the other lesson … even a cold bowl of chili and an orange shared before a fire with the one you love the most in the world is pretty romantic after all.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Ahhh... at least you'll never forget this Valentine's Day, right? :)

(I'm trying to help you look on the bright side--it sounds like it will be good for some grins in a year or so!)

El said...

So much for hardy New Englanders!

I hope the chili was good. And yes, I agree with Kim, you'll be laughing about it later if you haven't started already.