Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Garden News

We are in the middle of the annual winter moth caterpiller infestation. This year we decided to hire a company to spray the perimeter trees with a product called Conserve. It has made a big difference for what we see out the window. They sprayed twice at 3 week intervals and yesterday was the second spraying. If you compare last week's garden gate picture with this week's you can see that trees are actually losing leaves as time passes.And now for a big announcement .... drum roll please ... I spied my first fruit on one of my apple trees this weekend! Ta dah da dut da dah!
The rhododendron is flowering beautifully and is home to every bumblebee in the neighborhood. I love watching them at work. And on Saturday I even saw a sphinx moth in among them. I felt so smart building my table bouquet from the side of the rhodie that need pruning. In addition, the clematis is blooming as are the lamb's ear and blue iris.

The new herb beds are built and we have been moving compost and soil into them. They should be planted this week. The sweet potato slips arrived, the winter squash have been repotted, the cucumbers are in and awaiting their lattice trellis. Early June is a GREAT time to be in the garden.herb beds

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

It's all looking so lovely!

Making those rhodie prunings into a bouquet is a great idea--one that I'm going to steal next year when I cut yet more off of the side of my rhodie that tends to try to grow into the house. How long did they last in the vase?