Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let the Games Begin

Well the season has begun. These balmy Washington temperatures had me out of doors today at the potting bench setting up a tray to start artichokes in. Artichokes are finicky as seedlings ... prone to damping off. So after years of trial and error here is my solution. I score each seed need the tip with a nail file. Then I set out 12 seeds on wet paper (6 Northern Star and 6 Emerald) over night. Meanwhile I prepare the trays with a germinating mix and place the tray on a seed heating mat to warm up the soil.
Once planted, I monitor the moisture carefully erring on the side of dry rather than wet. If I have to be away from home for a time, I will remove from the heat and just let them sit in the open air.

In honor of the day, I bought two luscious California artichokes to have for dinner. Yum

opening up the seed boxes


Jenn said...



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Rose said...

I've been through all of my seeds too and carried in several flats with pots to begin the planting. We have a bit of snow again this morning but I will carry on. By the time the seeds pop up the weather will be warm. Enjoy your spring!