Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is my longest blogging hiatus. The truth is the garden and the gardener are dormant right now. Sort of like these amaryllis bulbs before I potted them up three weeks ago. Dormancy can be good. The seasons encourage it. Why fight it?

I AM engaged in compost work despite freezing cold temperatures. And I have been happily eating from my larder of garlic, shallots and sweet potatoes and my freezer full of tomato sauce.

I am headed out West to ski next week. But when I return, I will begin anew the fantasy I have nurtured for many years, i.e. that I CAN grow artichokes. They will be my first seeds of the season.

So soon the grow lights will be on, and the games will begin anew. Stay tuned.


Rose said...

I'm looking forward to your return. Be careful on those slopes!

carletongardener said...

Nothing like a nice hibernation. Ignore the winter. I bet your artichokes will be GREAT this year!