Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Again, Home Again Riggity Jig

I think I knew that I had turned a corner on this 6 week journey away from home, when I started to think about potting my amaryllis. I know, I know it's WAY past time to pot amaryllis, but it is what the schedule allows this year.

I did NOT have anyone come in and water my houseplants while I was gone, and I am pleased to report that the cool house temperatures put them in suspended animation and they are surviving nicely.

I have an unsolved mystery from this trip, and I welcome any ideas you might have. While in Laos we passed an outdoor stand that was making little yellow tortilla like patties and drying them on screens. When I tasted a dried one, it tasted like banana and had a little seed in it. It MIGHT have been the seed from a dragon fruit .. it was about the size of a poppy seed. Women were kneading a yellow dough, and then placing balls of the dough on a press, and then placing the pressed patties on screens to dry. Anyone have any idea what this Southeast Asian sweet is called?

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Rose said...

Could they be similar to these?

It could be a regional difference in how they are prepared and of course the size of them. I found this site that explains some of the differences in the cuisine in the various areas of SE Asia.

Very interesting reading about some of these places.