Thursday, May 08, 2008

Starting the season

As I rumbled onto the ferry boat Friday evening under gray skies and a northeast wind I wondered why ANYONE would leave behind the 80 degree weather of the Mid-Atlantic for THIS ! But one quiet moment at the edge of the garden and I knew why.

My seedlings are safely under lights in the basement and I have busied myself with cleanup chores left undone last fall. I have been collecting pine needles from the edge of the property and after carefully removing the early weeds, have put a thick layer of pine needles on all the pathways. I am almost done. I have planted two rows of snap peas and three rows of green beans.

Sadly the experiment in overwintering artichokes has failed once again. Also there is the menacing mint that has started to invade the northwest corner of the garden.
menacing mint
BUT ... the garlic looks strong and healthy and the asparagus will be ready to pick by the weekend.

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Grand Life said...

Love garlic girl and boy. Please let it be spring here soon.