Thursday, May 01, 2008

"with a little help from my friends"

I must confess to a late start this spring on the preparations for the garden. I have been too much on the move. But Tuesday I made my annual spring pilgrimage to Bath County, VA to gather some tomato plants.
At Longdale Nursery on Route 42 I found Italian Sweets, Better Boys and Belgian Giants. Then my friends at Walatoola were kind to share some of THEIR starter tomatoes with me. I added some Boxcar Willies, Little Momas, Principe Borgheses, and some of their green peppers suited for northern climate. They also gave me a gift of a lovely lemon verbena not to mention a healthy bundle of their first asparagus harvest and fresh arugula.

The meal on Tuesday night was local and tasty. The rack of lamb from Highland County was brimming with the flavor of the Bluegrass Valley and the asparagus was as fresh as could be. Here at home, I have some Big Zacs started and the artichokes while a little leggy, I think are off to a good start.

Tomorrow the operation moves north and the prep and planting begin in earnest.


Grand Life said...

I wasn't late getting in the garden-- it was spring that was late. We had snow Friday morning but things are looking better for this week. Good thing, I'm trying to keep 5 flats of plants alive in the garage.
Thanks for an entertaining blog.

Lisa in CA said...

Sounds like you are well stocked now. I just had to tell you how beautiful that scenery is in the top photo. Just gorgeous!