Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Back in Gear

Now that election season is over and I have securely delivered Virginia to the blue column, I am back here for garden clean up. I have decided that for the next week I will write EVERY day about SOMETHING in the garden, no matter how small. I have been editing myself lately saying ..."Who's interested in THAT?" or "I wrote about THAT two years ago." No more self editing.So let me tell you what I did yesterday. My compost operation suffers from a lack of brown. So I decided that this year I would use the lawn mower to "collect and chop" the leaves and bag them for use during the year. So simple !!! Make one pass under the tree and the basket fills right up. Slide a plastic bag over the catcher and turn it upside down.

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Colin and Carol said...

We also use a lawnmower to chop and mix our leaves which helps them rot a little quicker, though we have to add our leaves to the compost bin. It's too hot here to make good leaf mould though I suppose we do not have to protect our Mediterranean plants. It is all swings and roundabouts in gardening!