Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Over wintering

I solved the problem of how to over winter rosemary in New England. Last year I successfully used the a wall-o-water to protect my rosemary plant from winter frost.

I have heard people describe working with wall-o-waters as trying to wrestle with an octopus. I have found a way that takes out the wrestling component. Place a bucket over the rosemary plant. Slide the empty wall-o-water over the bucket. Then fill the sleeves with water going 12 to 6 and 3 to 9 and then filling in the sleeves in between. When all 24 sleeves are filled with water, slide out the bucket and the wall-o-water will make a little tepee around your rosemary plants.Why I failed to think of this as a solution to my artichoke problem, I cannot imagine. But last spring, when I uncovered my winter protection to find not a trace of artichokes, it dawned on me. Why not try the wall-o-waters here? Maybe this year????

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Garden said...

Nice solution for the wall-o-water! I haven't ever tried them because they are expensive.