Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things Southern

We are on a road trip visiting friends in the South.

We are enjoying all things Southern. For example, at this roadside restaurant in North Carolina, we found the lunch special of Hamburger Steak with Onion Gravy. Instead of bread, we had a plate of warm hush puppies brought to our table. And the side we had to choose from were black eyed peas, collards, fried okra and turnip greens to mention a few.

Black Eyes peas are particularly important this time of year. On New Year's Day in the South one must eat their black eyed peas for good luck. I spent New Year's Day on the Outer Banks of NC and was already having good luck as I was spending the day with good friends, but I was sure to put a helping of black-eyed peas on my plate.

One of the more unusual establishments on the Outer Banks is the BREW THRU
You just drive in, load up with beer in your trunk and drive out the back.On the drive along route 17 south toward Savannah, I saw a sweet grass basket stand. I have always wanted a sweetgrass basket. They are woven of sweet grass, bull rush and pine needles. The woman who was selling these baskets was Ida Bennett. She had learned the craft from her grandmother and was teaching it to her own daughters and daughters in law.

I was very pleased with my purchase.And it wouldn't be Florida without citrus. We visited Davidson Brothers in Daytona Beach and loaded up on Honeybells and grapefruit. We will be tossing them out of the sleigh as we work our way back north.

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