Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A slice of honey

This morning, after a two year journey, I have finally tasted the finest melon on the planet from my very own garden. It is called a Tranche de Miel cavaillon melon and I saved the seeds from a melon I had in the Aligre Market in Paris two summers ago.

I tried to grow these last year, but was thwarted by an early infestation of cucumber beetles that infested all my curcubits. This year I planted commercial Cavaillon melon seeds as well as my tranche de miel. I tasted the commercial fruit melon from my garden a few days ago ... nice, but nothing like the remarkable sweetness of this melon.


Anonymous said...

i remember you writing of the ecstasy of the french melon.
Bravo that you brought one to life on Panhandle!

cfeuery said...

Congratulations on your successful harvest! Your Tranche de Miele sounds fascinating. Would you be willing to share some Tranche de Miele seeds? I've had incredible difficulty locating seeds for cavaillon melons in the U.S. Please let me know at cfeuery at hotmail dot com if you are. Thanks!