Friday, September 02, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew ??? I looked with glazed eyes at this sidebar ad and thought to myself, "why have you been braising your fennel in a regular old skillet?" And even more worrisome ... "why did you not plant any fennel this year so you could USE your $205 fennel braiser?" It was only when I clicked on the side button that I realizedthat this one was not a pan for braising cherries.


Mel said...

I love Le Creuset, but wait to find most pieces on clearance racks. But- the best present ever was my 20 qt enamel on steel stock pot!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean my vintage avocado green frig is not for avocados only?


Leslie said...

Indeed ... And the same goes for any harvest gold appliances ... Not just for storing gold ingots.