Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Garden Milestones

I harvested my first zucchini yesterday. It is the first June zucchini I can remember. I sautéed it in garlic scapes and mint with a little “salt by the sea.” I also ate my first snap pea right in the garden.

The scapes are just getting ready to unwind, so I harvested ½ of them. To a trained eye you can tell a Killarney Red scape from a Spanish Roja even though they are both rocamboles. The KR’s make almost a triple curl while the SR’s do a gentle “figure 8” kind of dip. The porcelains, like my Chesnok Reds dip their heads like shy swans.

The potatoes flowered on Monday and I hilled them up some more with straw today. They are Yellow Finns and they are in the best shape of any potato crop I can remember. It is linked to the vigilance on the CPB’s.

I have never grown onions before, so when they started sending up a bud top, I paid it no mind. Not a good idea it turns out. They should not do that. I cut them all off. I may or may not see bulb development.

The rattlesnake pole beans have figured out how to climb their bamboo. They are tenacious. It is my first year growing pole beans.

And finally the speckled swan gourds are putting out these amazing little flowers. Can't wait for them to bloom.

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