Friday, June 24, 2005

In between crops

I’m in between crops right now. The asparagus is feathering out and the spinach is bolting. The snap peas have flowers, but it will be days before I eat my first pea. Surely there must be a satisfying late June crop … something more than radishes.

I know ! It’s strawberries. I just didn’t have room for them, I thought. But next year they will get their own space.

The mornings are getting quite colorful out there with wide open squash blossoms and blooming anemones. At first it’s just fun to see green instead of brown … but now there are yellows and reds.

The final garden plan is at the end of this entry. There should be 30 red dots representing tomatoes in the ground. 4 Long Keepers are on (the) deck.

The scapes on the Ophios have started to curl. They will be ready for harvest soon

I hear it is pretty hot on the mainland, but there has been a steady 20 mph breeze all day keeping us cool. The smell of wild roses is carried on the breezes. Summer is coming into its own.

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