Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sumo Wrestler

I’m looking out over a newly mown hayfield. No more disappearing deer for awhile. As I look into the garden the asparagus bed is feathering out nicely and is taller than I am.

After the soaking rains of the weekend, the garden is more lush and is pushing upward and outward.

Some recent milestones: I have my first eggplant blossom. There is a “baby swan” in the squash field. I’ve finally seen my first nasturtium. The corn tassels are emerging. The Blue Lake bush beans are flowering and setting beans.

Some recent setbacks: I’ve tossed maybe five tomatoes for blossom end rot. The “Italian Sweet” is particularly susceptible. The support I had in place for my snap peas is totally inadequate. They are producing, but they are toppling. And the garlic continues to puzzle me. The stiff necks look much more ready for harvest than do the soft necks, but underground the stiff necks are still showing potential for bulb growth.

In the quest for a blue ribbon in the category of “largest tomato,” I have pruned back one of my Belgian Giants and am concentrating the plant’s resources on three fruit. It will now be on a diet fit for a Sumo wrestler until the Fair.

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