Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Zucchini manadatory at all meals

No matter what is coming in abundantly, I am always waiting for that first tomato. The garden has not really reached its promise until that first big slicer makes its way to the kitchen.

But currently there are zucchini in abundance and I made my first zucchini soup yesterday. It was a real quencher today at lunch. In fact all meals, breakfast, lunch AND dinner must have some form of zucchini featured. Breakfast was Zucchini Hashbrowns. If I were home tonight I would be making Zucchini Nitza named after my Greek neighbor in Arlington. But since I am eating out, I delivered fresh zucchini to my hostess for the evening earlier in the day.

I pulled up the last of the peas. They are staying crisp in the refrigerator. I weeded that bed well and after amending the soil I planted the last of my pot started basil.

I also pulled up the last of the garlic. The only silverskin I had was a Nootka Rose. They were pretty small. That freed up the one garlic bed inside the garden for the four “Long Keepers” I’ve had potted waiting for ground. In no time (I mean the next day) one had fruit on it. They are a remarkable variety that will keep on the shelf well into January.

The corn is “Spring Treat” and it has the most delightful purple corn silk. I fertilized it on Saturday with “Sweet Corn Alive” as it was coming into tassle.

The squash vine borer moth IS in my garden. I spied it on Sunday evening. It was sitting quietly on some potato leaves. I have done nothing to protect my zucchini. When the end comes it will be rapid and without mercy.

I also have my first little New England Pumpkin and I have two blue hubbard squash. The butternut squash shows no inclination to flower or fruit.

The weather has been beastly humid and the heirlooms are exhibiting blossom drop again.

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Sandy said...

Yummy, I love zucchini!