Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bobwhites, Morning Glories and Hornworms

I can hear the Bobwhite chanting away in the distance.  A few weeks ago she marched into my garden like she owned the place … like she was looking for an apartment or something.  I was beginning to wonder whose garden it was.  Then yesterday I saw her under the blue spruce.  Again she seemed elegant and regal.

In the spring I used to wake up and run out to catch a look at a squash blossom.  These days my joy is the Morning Glories.  They are a heartbreaking blue and they are sooooo perfect.  Since nearly everything else is in decline out there, they are a wonderful beauty on which to focus.  

The tomato hornworms chomped their way through an eggplant last night.  Darn they are hard to find.  I finally spotted it on the underside of a half eaten leaf.  My once lush Sweet 100’s have been reduced to Sweet 40’s … not that I had been able to keep up with them.

Right now legions of swallows are diving through the hayfield gobbling up mosquitoes or some bug.  There is a certain time when they descend and then just as quickly they are gone.

The humidity has finally broken, and tonight promises some 50 degree weather.  It was a perfect Vineyard day today.  Anne and I worked early to prepare the old corn bed for a fall crop of spinach.  She did a great job of weeding the pathways and now it’s up to me to mulch them down.

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