Thursday, August 18, 2005

Come to the Fair!

Give attention, kind friends, and hearken good neighbors
And for a brief time abstain from your labors
For our Fair is approaching , and whate'er your vocation
We entreat your heartiest co-operation

The Fair is a wonderful affirmation of the farmer in all of us. We all bring the best we’ve done and test it against the efforts of others.

I did well today. There was a blue ribbon in zucchini and, I’m proud to say, in the category of the biggest tomato. The Boxcar Willie came through for me. There was a red ribbon in white potatoes and in red tomatoes. I feel well rewarded for a season of care giving. And isn’t that’s what it’s all about? Bob Ganz took a second with his blackberries, and Toni from my exercise class took a blue in small quilts.

So what about the garlic? There was some excellent competition this year. I ended up with an Honorable Mention. I learned a lot from viewing my competition. I definitely need to feed my garlic better than I did this year.

The almost harvest moon is glowing in the east and the Ferris wheel is whirling to the north. Come to the Fair!

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