Thursday, August 18, 2005

The tension mounts

Today is the opening day at the Ag Fair. I was up early trying to find one more matching potato in the potato bed. I also harvested the two Belgian Giants that are rumored to grow to 5 lbs. Not mine. Only 1 pound. I ended up using a Boxcar Willie that was 4 oz. heavier.

I agonized over which two garlic to put in. My two biggest ones were harmed by the way I trimmed them too close to the bulb. The next largest had a brownish cast but they looked much better on top. Against the advice of two good friends with an eye for healthy vegetables, Annie and Jeremiah, I went with the larger pair with the faulty cut.

I had a full basket when I took off up the road to turn them in. It is always exciting at the last minute to see people coming in with their entries. As I put on my tags and arranged my vegetables, I sat across from a North Road gardener, Bob Ganz, and he let me know that Lucille Plotz had won biggest tomato last year with a one pounder. My Boxcar Willie is 1 lb. 4 oz.

I was a little chagrined to see the Cackleberry Farm garlic entry. It was huge. Perhaps they are competing as a commercial grower.

They should be opening the judging hall very soon. More Fair news soon.

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