Monday, April 03, 2006


Yesterday was a lovely day. Low sixties, bright sun, no wind. I took on the task of weeding around the clematis that grows up a trellis on the side of my outdoor shower. Every spring I have a battle with the guy who mows our lawn because he forgets that the clematis is there and takes the weed wacker to it. So every spring I start from scratch with my clematis. I can’t really blame him if I don’t keep it cleaned out.

I started by removing the grass. Next I sprinkled in a cup of pelletized lime and then a cup of calcium. I watered that well and then topped it off with half a bag of composted manure. I covered the roots with stones to keep them cool, and then I marked off the area with white stones. I think this should keep him from wacking away at my clematis this spring.

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