Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Garden Chores at Walatoola

I enjoyed the garden work we did at Walatoola last week. Jim had made a plan for this year’s garden that took into account crop rotation, the location of the new garlic beds and the expropriating a portion of the garden for a permanent asparagus bed. He and Mike had already staked out the garden and put in some pea trellises, so if you followed the plan, it was clear where everything went. My task was to help amend portions of the garden with greensand, Azomite and Harmony. Jim had picked up a load of these amendments at Seven Springs Farm in Check, VA and we spent most of the morning distributing them liberally in the appropriate beds. I also did some watering and planted some broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

I must say that their garlic is some of the healthiest I have ever seen. I think they have 1,500 head in the ground. You can tell by looking at the girth of the stalk how big the bulbs will be. They have some really excellent results. Perhaps it is due to the colloidal phosphate Jim put down last fall.

After I left, they busied themselves with transplanting everything they had under lights into larger pots. They will be eating from their garden in no time. This of course begs the issue of the VERY FULL freezer they have from last season’s bounty.

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