Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Haircut

We have a trumpet vine that forms an arbor over our front entry way. In the summer it is lovely. But behind its summer beauty is a hidden agenda.

It is trying to eat our house. The branches don’t reach for the sun … oh no … they reach for the house. It’s as though they are drawn to cedar shake shingles as some exotic delicacy.

Each spring we go out to do battle with the monster that our trumpet vine has become. It sits out there looking like a cocky rock star with too much gel in its hair.

But after an hour’s work we have it looking like an Army recruit with all of its gnarly locks piled high in the wheelbarrow.


Judith said...

Oh, my! I planted a Trumpet Vine several years back (maybe 8 yrs ago) on our little shed at our island cottage. I also have created a monster. First off, it took awhile for the vine to trumpet with flowers. I rejoiced when the flowers appeared & hummingbirds celebrated, however, since then the vine has become a Wild Thing. It grows & grows & grows....(no more shed in sight!). Your photos & rain (which I share with you!) are wonderful.

Leslie said...

Oh... so it eats sheds too! The other thing I didn't mention is that it is sprouting up in the lawn! I'm not sure if it's under runners or seeds that get blown into the lawn, but I swear, Judith, if we left this house untended for one season we'd never find it again.