Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend gifts

I have never seen a more reluctant group of oak trees than those that live on this island. They hold back until early June before really risking their leaves. When the leaves do come out they are like tiny baby’s hands, soft and perfectly formed.

The other great gift of Memorial Day weekend (besides and abundant crop of asparagus) is the perfume of autumn olives that fills the air. It is an aromatherapy for the soul. When will blogspot invent “scratch and sniff”?

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Hanna in Cleveland said...

I have never seen oak leaves that look like that. They are very unusual looking.

BTW, I posted today about a company several years ago that wanted to make a device to produce smells for the internet (I had not seen your post yet, I just wished I could share the smell of my peonies). It would be interesting if we could share the smells of the garden too.