Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Water, water everywhere

A friend of mine in high school once said she would stop watching the soap opera “The Edge of Night” when it stopped raining on the program. Six months later it was still raining and she was still watching.

Well that’s how I feel. It’s still raining, and I am still watching … the garden that is.

It has been raining here since last Wednesday. Eight straight days of rain. So I’ve been wondering how I can convey how wet it is here. Perhaps I can try with pictures.

This lobster pot on the porch has filled with water. Can you see it splashing from the rain?

Looking out the front door through the gauze of rain sheeting the glass.

Rain splashing on the deck.

rain dripping from the gutters

and there's more on the way

1 comment:

Hanna in Cleveland, OH said...

I am with you on this. I just wish the rain would stop for a few days. *sigh*