Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Zack

Shhh! Can you keep a secret? The fair is less than a week away and I am working on one gigantic tomato out there in the garden. Last Thursday its circumference was 14 ¾ inches. Its name is BIG ZACK. I don’t stand a chance for him to be RED by next Thursday, the opening day of the Fair, but I do expect him to weigh a good bit. He started out as a pup.

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I gave him lots and lots of composted lamb manure once he made it in the ground. Then in mid July I started sacrificing the other tomatoes growing on the vine with him. Now Zack is benefitting from all the energy the plant has to give. I’ll keep you posted.


Carol said...

Yes, I'll keep your secret. You should put something with a known size in the picture with the tomato so we can see how really big it is.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Leslie said...

True Carol ... now that you mention it, this could be a baby, couldn't it?

Michelle said...

Here here! Yay for the growing of giant veggies (and fruit). Are you holding that tomato up with something or is the plant strong enough to hold it?