Sunday, August 05, 2007

One Local Summer Week #6

This week I decided to go vegetarian. Using a recipe I found in Martha Rose Schulman's Provencal Light, I whipped up a Zucchini Gratin with Goat Cheese. The recipe can be found here . The fun part was finding the local goat cheese. There is a sweet little farm tucked back in a part of the island known as Christiantown so named because it is where an enclave of Native Americans came to worship. You drive up the dirt road, past the Mayhew Chapel and up the hill to Christiantown Farm. You drive past the goats getting into mischief with some old piece of farm equipment and are greeted happily by the enthusiastic laying hens who all come out as though you have corn in your pocket. The cheese is found in 4 oz. packets in the fridge in the barn as is the coffee can full of ones for making change.

The only downside to this recipe was that it required you turn on the oven .... to 400 degrees no less. But we managed and the resulting gratin was worth the added heat in the kitchen. I added a salad of cherry tomatoes and cukes and some grilled zucchini.
Goat Cheese - Christiantown Farm ---- 3 miles
Eggs - Flat Point Farm --- 3 miles
all other ingredients - the garden

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Matron said...

Zucchini grattin with goats cheese! Now I have to give that a try. Mine are in full production at the moment, I needed more ideas. Thank you.